because these songs fucking hurt


Hi there, we make music (iTunes / Spotify / Deezer / Bandcamp / Soundcloud). It's mostly acoustic, mostly piano based, and thoroughly gloomy. Sometimes it's just me, sometimes a duo, sometimes a trio. You get the idea.


We have one EP called Calypso released in 2016. You can get it on iTunes or Google Play. Or listen to it on Apple Music. Or Spotify. Or just fucking google it, it's virtually everywhere you could want it. In the Soundcloud widget right below, for one.


We also have a music video. It's not acoustic, it's high voltage. Weird a little. Have a look on YouTube or right here:


There are some live studio videos as well.


Um yeah, that's it. That's basically all for now.

Ok bye. This page is supposed to be short. Thx cya

Getting in touch

Well, we have an email: There's also Facebook if you don't dig email. We're comfortable with both.


this is in case you haven't figured out what we're called (are you for fucking real??)

Btw, why don't you follow us on Facebook. Or VK. Or YouTube, it's got videos, after all.